About us

Our Purpose

Our sole purpose is to pair you up with the exact piece of luggage that suits your demeanour and conditioning—one that enriches travel experience. From comfy little bags to monstrous suitcases, feather-soft purses to rock-hard trolleys, pocket-friendly deals to riches’ picks, we have quality embedded at every joint and stitching that redefines the meaning of fabric weaving.

To match your unique style and add a cherry on top of your travelling experience, our e-commerce platform is loaded with a diverse range of products made to hook you in at first glance. We have a unique lookout towards travel, so we aspire to be the curator for top-brand suitcases; the style and shine of which encourages to do more than just travel.

Our Vision

We endeavour to be the one-stop destination for all sorts of travelling bags. The vision of our company is to serve our clientele to the fullest and in doing so, raise the bar of quality, including customer-friendly service, higher and higher.

When at an airport terminal, waiting at the baggage claim, we want you to spot your luggage from a mile away, because our products stand out as they rightly should. When travelling, luggage should impart a sense of security, rather vulnerability—that’s what Amtiah fancies to have rooted in its every product.

Our Value

Luggage and bags are our true love. Amtiah aims for a mid-way solution, keeping demands that align with both the urban and retro look, in order to uplift the value through next-level design and durability.

The component of love is paramount in the relationship with our customer base as it’s not only in every fabric of the universe but also in the bag and baggage we aspire to design and create. Integrity is the second key-value we have incorporated in our very structure.

Our Mission

We strive to create an easy and stylish mode of travel. It should always add to the experience of visiting new places—and not steal something away from it. That being our motto, our mission is to help the people who visit our e-stores to find their own unique style and make travelling a lot more fun for them. Redefining the inseparable bond of travel and luggage, our mission is to be the one-stop destination for all kinds of travel luggage requirements.